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Thursday, September 22, 2011

If things don't change, they'll stay the same

As the old adage goes, "If things don't change, they'll stay the same". I thought I'd start my new blog with a look into the past. This article was written by me in 2004 for a business magazine and some things have changed, but many have not. Overtime and Overtime wages continue to be a thorn in the side of many brands. Fortunately, many Brands are realizing that the old way of trying to audit in compliance has not been successful in dealing with these enduring issues.
We need to figure out the root cause of non compliance, both internal and external, and search for ways to work with factories so they are not punished for issues we are in large part responsible for. It won't be easy, but I firmly believe that progress can be made.

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  1. Oh Wally, this sounds so dreadfully serious, and unlike anything I know about. However, if you were to venture into politics, Wall Street, campaign contributions, and the housing problems I'll be the 1st to read and respond. The artist in Texas....


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